​Where can I buy a gaming mac​h​ine? ​ ​

    ​If you want to operate a gaming machine, you must have:

    and then complete the following steps:

    • contact Data Monitoring Systems (DMS) to arrange for the CMS equipment to be installed in your venue
    • provide direct debit details to Gaming Systems
    • buy a gaming machine from a licensed dealer or seller, or from another hotel or club
    • apply through Quickchange for authorisation to keep and operate the machine
    • connect the gaming machine to the Centralised Monitoring System (CMS).


    • Only clubs are permitted to operate multi-terminal gaming machines (MTGMs)
    • Only hotels have poker machine permits
    • Hotels with more than 10 gaming machines must have a Hotel Gaming Room

    If you wish to use a gaming machine for purposes other than gambling, or if you require further information contact:

    Gaming Systems
    PO Box 8325
    Parramatta Westfield NSW 2150​

    Phone: +61 2 9842 8391 or +61 2 9842 8163
    Email: gamingapplications@ilga.nsw.gov.au.​

    Financial Arrangements for Acquisition of Gaming Machines

    If you are buying gaming machines, then:

    • payment must be in full and made within 90 days of the delivery date
    • trade-ins are allowed as part of the purchase price
    • payment can be in cash or a combination of cash and trade-in.​

    If you are not making payment in full within 90 days (or less) you may only purchase, rent or lease gaming machines under a financial agreement previously approved by the Authority.

    Refer to Financial Arrangements For The Acquisition of Gaming Machines (PDF, 51KB) guidelines for further information.

    Applications for the approval of financial arrangements should be in a form of a letter detailing how the proposed arrangements meet the guidelines. The application must include a copy of the proposed financial arrangement.

    Send you applications by post or email addressed to:

    The Manager
    Gaming Systems
    PO Box 8325
    Parramatta Westfield NSW 2150 

    Phone: +61 2 9842 8391 or +61 2 9842 8163
    Email: gamingapplications@ilga.nsw.gov.au.​ 

    Authorisation to keep or dispose of a gaming machine

    If you wish to install a new gaming machine, or to change your existing gaming machine, or to dispose of a gaming machine in your venue, you must apply for authorisation to keep or dispose of that machine.

    You can apply for such authorisation by lodging:

    • an online application through Maxgaming's Quickchange system, or
    • a Paper Based (PBS) application form with Gaming Systems.

     Use the following PBS authorisation forms:

    Note: Multi Terminal Gaming Machines can only be authorised though Maxgaming's Quickchange system.

    The licensed gaming machine dealer, seller or technician supplying the machine must also complete and sign their section of the form.

    Send the completed PBS application form to:

    Gaming Systems
    PO Box 8325
    Parramatta Westfield NSW 2150 

    Phone: +61 2 9842 8675
    Email: gamingapplications@ilga.nsw.gov.au.​ 

    For any enquiries, call 02 9842 8391 or 02 9842 8163.


    Example of how fees work:

    • authorising 1 new device counts as 1 change,
    • de-authorising a device and replacing it with a new device counts as 2 changes,
    • authorising 1 device and attaching it to a progressive jackpot controller counts as 2 changes.

    Fees are direct debited from the account nominated for payment of your gaming machine tax a month after approv​al.

    Please remember that

    • only authorised gaming machines may be installed at the premises
    • all authorised gaming machines must be connected to the CMS.