Disconnecting from the CMS

Each gaming machine in the venue must be electronically connected and communicating with the Centralised Monitoring System (CMS).

Maxgaming's Data Monitoring Services (DMS) monitor all gaming machines connected to the CMS.

In limited circumstances, you may need to disconnect gaming machines from the CMS due to natural disasters, venue renovations, closure of licensed premises, repair and maintenance of gaming machines, or other reasons.

If you need to disconnect a gaming machine from the CMS:

  • For up to 48 hours, you do not need to notify the DMS
  • For up to 7 days, you must notify DMS immediately prior to disconnection
  • For more than 7 days, you must seek approval for disconnection from Gaming Systems.

Application to disconnect a gaming machine from the CMS

Complete the following application form Application to disconnect from CMS form (DOC, 67 KB). and send it to:

Gaming Systems
PO Box 8325
Parramatta Westfield NSW 2150

Phone: 02 9842 8389 or 02 9842 8384
Fax: 02 9842 8675
Email: cms@ilga.nsw.gov.au



1.    If you disconnect a gaming machine from the CMS, the gaming machine must not be played.

2.    The CMS monitoring fee will still b​e charged during the temporary disconnection.

For further information, refer to CMS Connectivity Arrangements Fact Sheet (PDF, 204KB).

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