Key dates and fees

Key dates

Key dates in 2016 have been adjusted where they fall on a weekend to the next business day.

Tuesday 15 MarchAssessment of the 2016 liquor licence fee payable for every licence
Thursday 14 April

Fee notice sent by email and SMS to licensees

Applications open for fee re-assessments

Friday 22 AprilFee notice mailed to licensees
Monday 23 MayLast day to apply for a fee waiver
Monday 30 MayLicence fee payment due
​Monday 27 June​Last day to pay fee before licence suspended and late fee applied
Tuesday 28 JuneLicence suspended if payment not made. Late fee applied.
Monday 25 July

Last day to pay fee before licence cancelled

Last day to apply for a fee re-assessment

Tuesday 26 JulyLicence cancelled if fees unpaid
Monday 19 SeptemberLast day to submit a licence reinstatement request

Fees 2016

Base Fee 2016

The following base fees apply for each licence type in 2016. 

Licence Type Fee (per licence)
Hotel - former community liquor licence$102
Hotel (full hotel licence)$510
Hotel (general bar)$255
Limited licence (multi-function)$102
Packaged liquor (1-3 outlets)$510
Packaged liquor (4-9 outlets)$1,020
Packaged liquor (10 or more)$2,040
Producer/wholesaler $204
Small bar licence$204

Licence fee calculator

Use the licence fee calculator to estimate your annual fee for 2016. Please note, annual fees for 2016 will be assessed on 15 March and licensees will receive fee notices from 14 April 2016.

Late payment fee

Late payment fees apply to licences where full payment is not received by the due date, and the licence is suspended.

Licence Type Fee (per licence)
Limited licence (multi-function) and former community liquor licence$50
All other licence types$100

Reinstatement fee

An application for reinstatement of a licence cancelled for non-payment of fees requires full payment of the licence fee, late fee and reinstatement fee.

Licence Type Fee (per application)
All licence types$250

Trading hours risk loading

This loading applies if a premises is authorised to regularly trade after midnight.

Authorised trading hours Loading (per licence)
Between 12.00am and 1.30am on any day$2,500
After 1.30am on any day$5,000