​Occ​asional Extended T​​​rading Condition

Licensees who are required to pay a trading hours risk loading can reduce their annual liquor licence fee by applying for an occasional extended trading condition (OETC) to be imposed on their licence. This condition on your licence will mean that you can only trade past midnight or 1.30am on up to 12 occasions over any 12-month period.

After your OETC is granted, you will pay one of the following risk loading fees:

Authorised Regular Trading HoursRisk Loading PayableOETC
Up to midnight onlyNilAllows trading past midnight up to 12 occasions in any 12 month period
Up to 1.30am$2,500Allows trading past 1.30am up to 12 occasions in any 12 month period
Past 1.30am$5,000Not available

Applications for the 2017 OETC are now open - Apply here

Applications for the 2017 OETC close on 15 March 2017 at 11:59pm

An occasional trading notification form must be completed and submitted to Liquor & Gaming NSW at least 14 days before each late trading occasion.