​Trading hours risk loading

A trading hours risk loading will be included in the calculation of annual liquor licence fees if a premises is authorised to regularly trade after midnight. The loading must be paid regardless of whether the premises actually trades after midnight.

You could be eligible to reduce your risk loading by applying for an Occasional Extended Trading Condition (OETC)​


The loading will not apply to:

  • a hotel or club licence that​ operates as a tourist accommodation establishment, where the bar area of the licensed premises operates after midnight primarily for the use of residents and their guests or persons who are invited to attend a conference or function on the premises. Complete the Tourist Accommodation - Trading Hours Loading Exemption Notification to notify us of your eligibility for exemption. This form must be completed by Tuesday, 7 March 2017 for it to apply to the calculation of 2017 annual liquor licence fees;
  • a licence in a regional or remote locality with a population of less than 1,000 persons, where access to goods, services and social interaction is restricted due to location. Eligibility is determined using population data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics' most recent census and its 'Remoteness Structure', which classifies NSW into regions that share common characteristics of remoteness;
  • an on-premises licence relating to a restaurant, provided it does not have a primary service authorisation;
  • an on-premises licence relating only to accommodation premises, an airport and/or a catering service;
  • a producer/wholesaler licence, provided it does not have a drink-on premises authorisation;
  • a limited licence (multi-function);
  • a hotel licence that was formerly a community liquor licence; and
  • small bar licences not located in a freeze precinct and which are given an automatic extended trading authorisation to 2am.​